booking shows for unsigned talent in Nigeria

What to do when booking shows for unsigned talents in Nigeria

If you’re booking shows for unsigned talents in Nigeria, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Research the venue

First, you need a suitable place for your presentation. If you want a good show, find an excellent venue. You should have already anticipated the number of people who are likely to attend; based on your following and how you have marketed your show.

Here is how to find the right venue:

  • Search online: if you search on Google for event venues near you, you can get a bunch of them. You can filter out according to the costs and the size of the people you anticipate to attend the show.
  • Ask from friends: they can recommend a suitable venue for you. They can also give your reviews about the site if it’s advisable to use it for the show or not. The best kind of friends to ask can be artists themselves or those who organize shows, too.
  • Visit several: you can visit several event venues to determine their suitability before you can book it. Make sure you consider an accessible place that most people can attend, probably in the middle of a town.
  1. Contact them

The next thing is to contact those who own the venue. You need to know if the venue is available for hire. You can use an email to contact them or their website.

With an email, you need to write a compelling one. Many people want the same venue, as you need. A persuasive email copy will do the trick.

  1. Get the contract

It can be a daunting task if it’s your first time. However, you can learn the process. The contract is essential because you don’t want anybody to use the same venue as you on the chosen day for the show. A deal shows the date you will use the venue, the time it will take, and how much to pay.

When booking shows for unsigned talents in Nigeria, you need to visit the venue offices or look at their website since most have a web presence. You can also check their social media pages. If they don’t have any, you can contact them.

  1. Follow up calls

Once you have your venue booked, you need to prepare for it. However, don’t forget to follow up on everything just before the show to ensure all is set. You then need to prepare your crew before the actual performance.

When booking shows for unsigned talents in Nigeria, you need to follow the above steps.

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