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How to get signed to a record a record label in Nigeria

If you’re an upcoming artist and want to get signed now in Nigeria, follow these steps to get the right recording label for you.

  1. Perfect in your music

You can’t think of being signed by a recording label if your singing is not top-notch. You must be unique and able to entertain. Here is how to make sure you’re in the top of your music career:

  • Get feedback from your friends: your friends are your first fans. You need to present to them your music and get feedback from them. Sometimes, your friends can fail to point out some weaknesses. However, they can act as the first audience.
  • Practice every day: nothing can beat a determined person. You can do anything if you’re determined. You should then learn to practice singing. If you get an opportunity to present in a place such a small gathering, make it your best and word will go round. Sooner, you will have a large following.
  • Improve on your sound: you can learn to sing in a sound that can attract your audience. The best thing to do is to try different sounds to select the best.
  1. Get social media followers

Your followings in social media determine how popular you’re and how a recording label will value you. Set up all the social media accounts and grow your followers over time. The best social media accounts to have are:

  • YouTube: you need a YouTube account to share your videos to your fans. This platform enables the easy streaming of videos
  • An Instagram account: if you want to get signed now in Nigeria, you should know how to use Instagram and have a following. To grow your followers, use hashtags and get a recommendation from friends with many followers.
  • Snapchat: this site has grown over the years to be a powerful site to leverage. Create an account here and get followers.
  • Twitter: it’s the best platform to get followers quickly. Use trends to spur your growth.
  • Facebook: though this youthful generation is always restless and finding new platforms to socialize, it’s still a good site to get followings.

Once you get a large following, it’s time to pitch different recording labels.

  1. Pitch different labels

You need to know which recording label to approach. However, before that, do the groundwork and estimate the pros and cost of each plus their popularity. The popularity of the recording label you choose will be essential in marketing your music.

Once you find a suitable recording label, you need to give your best in any performance and continue to grow your music career.

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