First, artists are advised to go through this contract with a calm and open mind as there are no illegal or unfair term in this contract.

You are in a safe hand. ASFUT is a popular middleman that serves to mediate between artists and record labels. ASFUT broadcasts clients to the world and has formulated a simple but successful approach to market new talents.

Signing of this agreement signifies that the contract is thoroughly understood, and the artist is legally bounded to the conditions.
ASFUT promise to sell and promote Unsigned Artists mixtapes through out our network.
ASFUT will own and control the rights to distribute any uploaded material by the artist in order to seek possible deals from talent seekers. Asfut also possesses right to use music from unsigned artists library to market at our choice Artist’s gain: The artist is entitled to 64% of all realizations from the use of his song(s). And ASFUT takes 25%.

The songs are to be used by ASFUT for a period of 24 months. If both parties honor the agreement the contract will renew itself automatically.
Artists are required to give 2 months written notice to opp out. While contract termination will attract no compensation from ASFUT.

Ownership Rights:
Exclusive ownership of the song(s) returns to the artist at the end of the term when there is no renewal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]