First, beat-makers are advised to go through this contract with a calm and open mind as there are no illegal or unfair term in this contract. You are in a safe hand.

ASFUT is a popular middle man that serves to mediate between beat-makers (or producers) and Beat users.ASFUT broadcasts clients to the world, and has formulated a simple but successful approach to market new talents.Signing of this agreement signifies that the contract is thoroughly understood, and the beatmakers is legally bounded to the conditions.

ASFUT promise to sell and promote beat-makers beats through our network.ASFUT will own and control the rights to distribute any uploaded material by the beat-maker in order to seek possible deals from beat users.Asfut also possess right to use these beats to market at our choice.

Beat-maker’s gain:

The producer’s gets 50% of realisations from the use of the beat(s) in various forms that is sure to generate massive income by ASFUT.


The beat(s) chosen are to be leased for non-exclusive lease for 24 months . By nonexclusive, the beat maker still has full ownership right of the beat.

Ownership Rights: beat-makers retains all rights of the beat. Beat-makers may continue to license or sell the beat exclusively/non-exclusively.

However, ASFUT can make public display of beats/sell for commercial use at its own discretion.

ASFUT is also entitled to do what they please with the beats, such as editing the beats.

Sampling: The producer must claim responsibility to clear sampled materials.

Requirements: ASFUT wants beat-makers to give 2 months written notice to opt out. ASFUT want to maintain a right to opt out with no compensation.

If both parties honor the agreement the contract will renew itself automatically.

Credit: The beat-maker credit will always be shown in all written data regarding the song(s).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]