Myron Wright

I have worked in the music business for over 35 years and have worked directly with Uncle Luke (when he was with the 2 Live Crew), Trick Daddy, Disco Rick, Vince Taylor of Earth Wind & Fire, William G., the late David Ruffin of the Temptations and more.


Myron Wright launched his original ASFUT organization and website in 2008. Initially he travelled around U.S. cities in his Tootmobile, shooting videos of talented but unsigned artists which he then uploaded to his webslte. ASFUT now has a presence in 30 countries and is transforming itself into a global entertainment network. A Showcase for Unsigned Talent was created as an outlet for those who think they have talent to be able to showcase their skills and abilities, while at the same time connecting with those who are looking for talent. Our goal is to serve as a source of entertainment, information and a mechanism to forge relationships and make connections within the entertainment industry.
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Think you've got talent?

 This Is your chance! JOIN!! ASFUT.COM and Help Us Build A Global Entertainment Network Music-biz veteran transforms online showcase for unsigned talent into global entertainment network Myron ‘Foot’ Wright, who has been in the music business for 35 years, created an online showcase in 2008 to bring unsigned family-friendly entertainers to the attention of industry insiders looking for fresh talent and help them launch a successful career. Wright is now developing the site into a global entertainment network to that talented individuals can demonstrate their skills to an even wider audience. The site is called ASFUT- A Showcase For Unsigned Talent, and is designed to promote acts as varied as singers, rappers, dancers, actors, comedians, musicians, poets, models and athletes. These days, having talent is one thing. But it is very hard for people to show others what they can do and get their talents recognized in an increasingly crowded and marketplace. ASFUT members can post short videos of their acts online, where they can be viewed by talent scouts of all kinds, such as A & R representatives, music producers and event managers – as well as members of the public who are more than ready to watch something new. 1 believe that God gave us all special gas,’ begins Wright ‘and ASFUT is giving people the chance to bring their talent to the world – for the simple joy of sharing with others and perhaps launch a glittering career,’ he adds. ASFUT has a suite of online promotional tools and a huge global entertainment database, to help it dnve traffic to the site and bring its acts to the attention of industry insiders in over 30 countries across North America. Europe, and Asia and in South Africa. ASFUT is also offering businesses the chance to market their goods and services to the 18 million people on its global entertainment database. To find out more about joining ASFUT or watching the acts, please visit .a wwwsruccom. For businesses wanting to find out about marketing opportunities, please contact the company through the contact form on its website at httpfiasfutcom/contact.html or Email: