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A Showcase for Unsigned Talent

was created as an outlet for those who think they have the talent to be able to showcase their skills and abilities. At the same time connecting with those who are looking for new talent. Our goal is to serve as a source of entertainment, information and a mechanism to forge relationships and make connections within the entertainment industry. A Showcase for Unsigned Talent offers its services to Talent Seekers (those looking for talent) free of charge. In order to ensure that the participants in this process are serious about their craft, we ask that both Showcasers and Talent Seekers register to become a part of our site.

Just Who are Talent Seekers?

Talent Seekers are organizations, businesses, groups, bands, agents, event organizers, party planners, companies, churches–basically anyone who’s in need of entertainment or a performance for an event, activity, party, festival, commercial, production, performance, etc. Talent Seekers provide opportunities for new artists or Showcasers to perform in a variety of venues. Anything from a birthday party, company event, local festival, talent show, fashion show, church program, etc. Talent Seeker opportunities can be paid or unpaid, it’s up to the parties involved and depends on the type of talent needed and the event/purpose. If you’re an Industry Insider (agent, producer, record label, production company, talent scout etc, click here for more information on a Special Invitation.

How does it work? Those who think they have talent submit an audition registration showcasing their talent and providing their contact information via the Showcase website. Upon review and acceptance, they are added to the Showcase for Unsigned Talent database of talent. This database is organized by talent, geographic area and ability/willingness to travel for opportunities.

Talent Seekers register with A Showcase for Unsigned Talent via the website by completing the registration form. Upon acceptance, they are assigned a Talent Seeker Identification Number which they will provide whenever they contact the Showcase executive offices to submit a Contact Request for Talent. (This ensures that you are who you say you are and no one else can make a request using your name.)

To protect the privacy and ensure the safety of our unsigned artists, A Showcase for Unsigned Talent does not publicly post contact information for its artist, nor do we give out their contact information. Instead, if a registered Talent Seeker is interested in securing the services of an artist, they would contact A Showcase for Unsigned Talent with the details of the activity/event (i.e., date, time, location, compensation, etc.). An outline of exactly what would be required of the talent/Showcaser and any additional information about the opportunity. A Showcase for Unsigned Talent then contacts the Showcaser (talent) and passes along the information. It is then up to the talent/Showcaser to decide if they want to initiate contact. From there, the Showcaser and Talent Seeker work out the details and decide how to proceed.

All agreements/arrangements between artist and Talent Seekers will be held private by Showcase for Unsigned Talent. To ensure the integrity of this process, Showcasers and Talent Seekers will be asked to provide feedback to A Showcase for Unsigned Talent regarding their interactions/arrangements. We’d like to know how things went and are able to share the good news of successful relationships with our Showcase community, so send us your pictures, videos, and comments. footwright@asfut.com

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