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Top 5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Catchy Advertising Jingles for Driving Sales & Revenue

Today’s marketplace is crowed with many commodities. The competition is stiff and crazy, and you have many others selling what you offer. In times like this, the sales, revenue and money go to the companies with a stellar brand. The 80/20 Principle holds—the big money always goes to the big brands. Why?

They’ve got their brand into the consumer’s head through dedicated and committed marketing promotions. What if you can do that at the fraction of the cost by using catchy advertising jingles effectively in your marketing? Despite the popularity of social media marketing tactics, music still reigns!

Music has been with us for the last hundreds and thousands of years. And it will still be here—no matter the new craze of technology streaming into the marketplace. The fact is that people love music—and enjoy it very much. Almost everyone—can tell you his favourite music or artist. So, why say it when you can sing it through attention-grabbing and catchy advertising jingles.

What Are Jingles?

A jingle is simple a repetitive catchy sound designed to promote a product, service or brand. Jingles have been used over the last hundred years to get the company’s products into the masses. Since most jingles happen to be in audio forms—it has become very popular with the radio industry. Yet, you can create a jungle for your social media, podcast, Youtube, website, blog and TV programs.

A jingle can be in audio or a video form. To get better results, you might want to even put the jingle in video forms of attention-grabbing and eye-catching images. This can help your jingle to resonate with people and start working for your business.

For best practices, a jingle should be between 30 seconds to 90 seconds. It should be short, concise and straight to the point. The best jingles focus on the most important things—getting the message into the consumer’s head with a nice repetitive rhyme.

Sample Jingle for Ghana Tourism Authority

Qualities of Best & Catchy Advertising Jingles

If you want to be using jingles to promote your business and grow your revenues, it has to meet certain qualities. While jingles are very effective in promoting company brands and products, if you are using a crappy jingle—it might not work very well and you won’t get the expected results.

If you are looking to create a jingle for advertising and promoting your business, the following are key qualities that your jingle has to possess:

1. Unique

There are a lot of jingles out there. To make yours work and work well, it has to be unique. Your jingle must focus on selling and highlighting your unique selling proposition and telling people why your company is unique and the best to serve their needs.

2. Fun

People are stressed up—they want something that can release stress,  create fun, and entertain them. If you create your jingle in an amusing way, your consumers will connect with it very fast. It will provide incredible value to them while also making them have fun while listening.

3. Memorable

A good jingle should be created with the core focus of getting stuck in the consumer’s head. You want people who listen to your jingle should remember more often and always contact you when they have a need. Thus the jingle has to be memorable.

4. Catchy

Jingles that work are always catchy. And what makes them catchy? The words, the rhythm, the music at the background and the overall message. In designing and composing your jingles, you should always focus on making it catchy and relevant to users.

5. Useful & Valuable

People are always bombarded with myriads of advertising messages. Why not add value to them while asking them to contact you for your products/services? A great jingle adds value, educates, and provides something exciting to listeners instead of just telling them to reach out and buy.  

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6. Attention-Grabbing

 Attention is everything. To ensure you get the best results in the marketplace, you have to focus on offering something valuable that will grab people’s attention. The first few words and the music needs to instantly grab attention to make the jingle work.

7. Nice Musical Rhythm

The type of rhythm used for the jingle is crucial. You want to understand your target audience and then select the best musical rhythm that will work best for you. When people like background music and rhythm, they start singing along as they listen.

8. Essential Information

What do you want to achieve with your jingle? People to call you? People should visit your site. People should send a text message? You should include essential information in your jingle. As they listen and sing, your contact details and what you offer will get into their head.

9. Simple and Concise

 As said already, your jingles need to be straightforward but contain valuable information that consumers can relate with. Simple is always better. Summarize all your text and information into easy to understand and relate forms and the blast with a nice jingle.

Need a Catchy Jingle to Promote Your Business? Send A Text To +1 (706) 664-3930 for a FREE Consultation

Mind-Blowing Benefits of Catchy Advertising Jingles for Driving Sales & Revenue

All jingles are not created equal. If you want to get the best results, your jingle has to be catchy, attention-grabbing and valuable. When you create a jingle and targets it to the right audience, the jingle catches fire and works miraculously on your target market. And the end results? The following benefits!

  1. Build a Strong & Stellar Brand

When a consumer wants a product/service related to your company, you should be first in their mind. If you’re not first, then the sales and money are not going to hit your bank account. Catchy advertising jingles reinforce your message into your target markets mind.

They listen to your jingle. They enjoy your jingle and starts singing as they go along their daily activities. Sooner or later, they begin to need a product or related to what you offer. Guess what they will do? They will call or visit the company website. Why? Constant, consistent repetition of the jingle has got your message into their mind and builds a stronghold.

  1. Build a Strong Relationship with Target Audience

Music is very powerful. When you listen to a piece of particular music repeatedly over a period of time, you start developing affinity, love and affection for the artist. You start looking for other songs, products and services offered by the artist. You enjoy the music so much that you buy products/services endorsed by the artist. That’s the same way catchy and attention-grabbing jingles work.

They build a strong emotional connection and relationship with your target audience. As one marketing professional said, “As the relationship develops, sales will follow.” As your jingle starts developing a strong connecting and relationship with your target audience, they start looking for your products and services, and bam—sales take place and money is exchanged for goods and services.

Catchy Advertising Jingles

  1. Get More Customers & Repeat Customers From One Jingle

The incredible value of one single jingle is amazing. Once your jingle is working, you just have to play this same jingle on multiple platforms—radio, TV, podcasts, social media, email, websites and other communication networks. The more your target audience listens, the more it resonates with them and causes them to make buying decisions that increase the company’s bottom line.

And the best part? One jingle can be played for even a year and more…and it will still work and product mind-blowing results. Catchy and attention-grabbing jingles are just amazing. They offer long-lasting impression and value on your target audience. One jingle can keep generating customers and even repeat customers one-after-month and producing incredible results.

  1. Jingles Make Your Message Get Stuck in the Consumer’s Mind

So you want to get your message into your consumer’s mind? Just use a catchy jingle. Again, why say it when you can sing it beautifully in a way that they will easily remember and recall. Psychologists say what we say repeatedly gets into our subconscious mind and sticks! Catchy advertising jingles produce that exact same result!

As your audience listens, enjoys and plays your message, its sips and goes directly into the subconscious mind. This is where brand building, brand recognition and brand affinity takes place. As your message goes deep down their mind, they connect and easily contact the company when they need a product/service from the company that will help them.

  1. Jingles Attract Customers So You Don’t Have to Chase them Anymore

Forget the naysayers. Any business builder understands that the hardest part of building a business is finding, attracting and convincing customers to buy what you are offering. As a result of this challenge, many business folks resort to chasing customers versus attracting and magnetizing those customers to them. If you’ve been chasing customers. It’s about time you make a change by using catchy and attention-grabbing jingles in your advertising and marketing.

Music attracts. Music entertains. Music connects deeply with our soul and who we are within. That is what the best musician always attract more and people to their shows and events. That’s how jingles work. When consumers and customers love your jingle… you do not have to worry and do the work. Your jingle will attract and magnetize them to you—while you only do the selling.

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