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Q). Why should I sign up for your service when I already have several social media accounts?
A). A & R Reps and talent seekers don't have the time to look search through the millions of social media accounts looking for talent. This site compiles videos from all over the Internet into one area and promotes them directly to the A & R reps, independent record executives, club owners, event planners and more. Additional answers here.

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It's been said that FOOTWRIGHT knows more people than any man alive,he has a database of Talent Seekers and Industry Insiders that stretches across North and S. America Europe and Asia and Now he want you to join his network.

We started building this Social Entertainment Network in 2008 with a five year plan. We bought a Sony Camcorder and a Laptop, build a preview website to introduce and capture. We then shot a Commercial to drive traffic to the website,We designed a showcase van entitle The Footmobile with our Link painted brightly on all four sides. Then we hit the road gathering contents, we followed promoters across countries shooting, editing and uploading to www.youtube.com/thewrightfoot. We have shaken many hands, many hugs and kisses while building a strong network base. We have also spent thousands of hours on the computer networking and making friends. Now we're ready to invite you to come share in our dreams through A Showcase For Unsigned Talent Website. You can view some of our unsigned featured artists above.

A  showcase for unsigned talent believes  it's the only company that goes in the ghettos to get it footage's. our specialty is 'the reason why you should ''let us promote your video."


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As long as I can remember I was a singer. I use to sing Elvis hit song'' You Isn’t Nothing But A hound Dog'. I recorded my first song by send off my lyrics to a company to add music. That didn't turn out right.

My first recording that I was preset in the studio was in 1980. I paid a guy name Morris Ogle tree to produce it and he also played all the instruments. He had too much high's and too much clashing. In 1980 I tried my hands at producing on a song I written entitle ''This Song is for you'' a nice ballad with a great storyline. We recorded it at Haywood Recording Studio in Atlanta.

I personally drove it to Nashville and took it to Masterfonic and talked my way into the lab where the engineer David talks me about the technique of cutting grooves in plates. I also drove my plate over to the pressing company so I would know every step of post-production too.

I have recorded over 50 songs and have worked with countless studio musicians from Drummer ''Young Rico Scott'' Vince Taylor of Earth Wind n Fire, William G. I met David Ruffins in the early 80 at the Fox Theater and we became friends for life so was Curtis Mayfield. Capricorn Records in Macon GA is where I worked with Tab Bush, Keith Evans, Rodney Mills, Phil and Allen Walden’s Walden’s, The Allman Brothers.

In 2000 I moved to TV and started planning events, finding the venue, book the acts, edit the footages into a 30-minute program. I would buy airtime from local TV stations and sell.30sec spots to local businesses. I started A Showcase for Unsigned Talent from hosting a TV show. I met a lot of unsigned talent but I decide in 2008 to turn ASFUT into a website and take it online. As a kid I also had to hustler to eat. I was out on my own at 12yrs old and I learned to play pool, cards and twist dices to eat. I was famous cross-country as Fast Foot and The Golden Boy for my street days even before the Internet. Some things I am not proud of and some just goes with the game.

A  showcase for unsigned talent believes  it's the only company that goes in the ghettos to get it footage's. our specialty is 'the reason why you should ''let us promote your video."

Today I feel my greatest asset is my honesty and all I want to do is make people smile.

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