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Since going online with our TV show...A Showcase For Unsigned Talent has develop a network of consumers as well as talent and talent seekers. To keep up with our demands we have decided to add a shopping cart to our site so we can screen and sell music and other products. Stay tuned for this shopping cart.



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Q). Why should I sign up for your service when I already have several social media accounts?
A). A & R Reps and talent seekers don't have the time to look search through the millions of social media accounts looking for talent. This site compiles videos from all over the Internet into one area and promotes them directly to the A & R reps, independent record executives, club owners, event planners and more. Additional answers here.

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More Than Just A Website asfut.com

It's been said that FOOTWRIGHT knows more people than any man alive. He has a database of Talent Seekers and Industry Insiders that stretches across North and S. America, Europe and Asia. And now, he wants you to join his network.
Description: http://asfut.com/art/footchinpose2.jpgWe started building this Social Entertainment Network in 2008 with a five year plan. We bought a Sony Camcorder and a Laptop, build a preview website to introduce and capture. We then shot a Commercial to drive traffic to the website,We designed a showcase van entitled The Footmobile with our Link painted brightly on all four sides. Then we hit the road gathering contents, we followed promoters across countries shooting, editing and uploading to www.youtube.com/thewrightfoot. We have shaken many hands, exchanged many hugs and kisses while building a strong network base.


We have also spent thousands of hours on the computer networking and making friends. Now we're ready to invite you to come and share in our dreams through A Showcase For Unsigned Talent Website. You can view some of our unsigned featured artists above.
Unsigned artists gets a chance to use rap beats or other instrumentals uploaded by our promoted beat makers.

In addition to having a music website, ASFUT organises tours for unsigned artists in order to ensure they have the best music promotion, with the videos from these tours uploaded to our website. Unlike many music websites, however, our site has a global view.
The question of how to promote music is what ASFUT perfectly answer.

A  showcase for unsigned talent believes  it's the only company that goes in the ghettos to get it footages. Our specialty is 'the reason why you should ''let us promote your video."




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Get your talent noticed today!
In today’s world, being connected is everything. If you are talented, but have no way of telling the world about it other than having accounts in every social networking website, Asfut is something that will help you achieve your dreams. Talent needs to be promoted and nurtured, and with our expertise, we can put your talent in front of people who matter. We have worked with unsigned talent for years and we know a thing or two about talent promotions. Getting your ‘stuff’ in front of the industry insiders was never as easy as it is with us!

Let the world see your talent
If uploading your awesome video on YouTube was enough to get you noticed, then all unsigned talent would have been signed on by now! Since that is not the case, we at Asfut, with our network of industry insiders including talent seekers, event managers, record label companies, A & P representatives, etc., are the perfect people to help you find the opportunity you deserve.

What we do
We specialize in video promotions and we travel the country to find new and fresh talent of all kinds, be it actors, models, singers, dancers, poets, comedians and stage performers. We also sign up talented people from all walks of life through our website. Then we promote them. We have a wide variety of promotional channels working for us constantly and we use them for our talent promotions. When you sign up with us, you can expect your talent to get in front of people who want you.
Get noticed today!

At Asfut, get the professionals in the business to showcase your talent. We are very active and we make sure that you get noticed by the right people. We will promote, market, advertise and tour on your behalf to help you get signed up by a record label or score you a gig – whatever it is that your heart desires.

Why us?

Asfut is the brainchild of Footwright, the master networker in the business. The company was started in the year 2008. Footwright’s relationships with the best of the professionals in the entertainment industry across Europe, North and South America and Asia will propel you to success. Don’t be an unsigned talent any more. With our expert video promotions and talent promotions, getting noticed by industry insiders was never this easy. Sign up today at our website www.asfut.com and see the difference we make to your professional life.

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