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  • Note 4 Note'
  • Let's Go 2 Church
    [Gospel Singers]
  • G.A.M.E. (Grown Ass Men Entertainment)
    [Underground Rappers]
    [Rappers w/a Message]
  • The Beat Masters
    [Musicians, DJs, Engineers and Producers]
  • Willie 2 Steps
  • 'Come Be On TV'
    [Actors & Models]
  • 'Got Jokes Hum?'
  • How Yo Moma Doing?'
    [Poets & Writers]
  • Players Players'

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It's been said that FOOTWRIGHT knows more people than any man alive,he has a database of Talent Seekers and Industry Insiders that stretches across North and S. America Europe and Asia and Now he want you to join his network.

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To the Parents and Coaches of Athletes around the globe. A Showcase For Unsigned Talent has in-house Sport Agents and Attoneys to handle guildance, legal assistance,and connections to help Athletes reach thier highest goals. ASFUT is only a conduit for athletes and athlete seekers to meet. We have scouts representing teams searching pools for skilled athletes in various levels of competition. We do not receive compensation for connections between athletes and teams nor do we represent an athlete or a team.  We only charge an annual base price of $500.00 to upload 20 videos a year of 20 athletes. Videos must be Good Quality and no longer than 3 min.