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It's been said that FOOTWRIGHT knows more people than any man alive,he has a database of Talent Seekers and Industry Insiders that stretches across North and S. America Europe and Asia and Now he want you to join his network.

We started building this Social Entertainment Network in 2008 with a five year plan. We bought a Sony Camcorder and a Laptop, build a preview website to introduce and capture. We then shot a Commercial to drive traffic to the website,We designed a showcase van entitle The Footmobile with our Link painted brightly on all four sides. Then we hit the road gathering contents, we followed promoters across countries shooting, editing and uploading to www.youtube.com/thewrightfoot. We have shaken many hands, many hugs and kisses while building a strong network base. We have also spent thousands of hours on the computer networking and making friends. Now we're ready to invite you to come share in our dreams through A Showcase For Unsigned Talent Website. You can view some of our unsigned featured artists below.


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Featured Artists

J Reid

ms greene



If you are a talent seeker, follow these instructions

Read the terms and condition before using our service. First you must fill out a ASFUT(A Showcase For Unsigned Talent) Registration Form for talent seekers. You will be assigned an ASFUT(A Showcase For Unsigned Talent) Talent Seeker Identification # that the talent seeker has to use each time he contact our executive office. and they must also download, sign and return our Confidentiality Agreement to ensure the privacy of both parties.


If you are a person with talent, follow these instructions

Read our terms and condition before using our service. You must first become a member of our network by filling out ASFUT(A Showcase For Unsigned Talent) registration form. If accepted as a member. You will be assigned an account number and a password. You will have access to watch our videos, vote in our contests and apply for gigs. #2 You will have an option to upload to ASFUT(A Showcase For Unsigned Talent) Videos or Contests Videos or just remain a member. Those who think they have talent submit an audition registration showcasing their talent and provide their contact information via the showcase website.




Showcase For Unsigned Talent

A Showcase For Unsigned Talent is a one-stop shop to browse singers dancers actors rappers comedians musicians poets models and athletes. We are a video base company and we're building a global network family friendly. When you think of talent we want you to think of Footwright's A Showcase For Unsigned Talent where we believes ''God gave'' us all a talent/gifts. At A Showcase For Unsigned Talent, we want to use our cameras to capture performances from around the globe. We want to shoot, edit, upload and promote them on our site to be viewed and sold on the open market. The funds could then be use to help solve the hungry problem, we can also build schools, hospitals and technology centers in undeveloped countries. It's all about using ''what one have'' to get what one needs and ''God gave'' us all what we need.

WE BRING THE TALENT TO YOU! A Showcase for Unsigned Talent was created as an outlet for those that think they have talent to be able to showcase their skills and abilities, while at the same time connecting with those who are looking for talent. Our goal is serve as a source of entertainment information, and a mechanism to forge relationships and connections within the entertainment industry. A Showcase for Unsigned Talent offer it services to Talent Seekers(those looking for talent) free of charge. In order to ensure that participants in this process is serious about their craft, we ask that both Showcasers and Talent Seekers register to become a part of our site.

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